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Plucky is Still Breathing

After the cigar cooled, Plucky plucked up his courage and ate it.

He wanted to keep himself alive.

There was no special reason why he would want to live.

After all, no one wanted him enough to feed him,

but Plucky wanted to live, so he ate the only thing he could find.

That was the old stinky cigar.

The cigar was hard to eat, even for a pig...even for a starving pig.

Plucky got it down, though, and felt a little fuller.

Then he began to sweat and shiver. Soon he was sick.

No pig will willingly give back a calorie, but Plucky was soon

too sick to stand on pig tradition.

He was sick many times, and then he seemed to lose track of everything.

When Plucky came to, he heard a sniffling sound.

A kind-looking person was wiping her eyes.

"He's awfully thin for a pig,"she sighed.

"I don't know if that IV has enough nutrition to save him.

All I can say is that he's still breathing."

Plucky was happy to hear someone mention nutrition.

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April 1,1999