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Another Week with Plucky

After being hit by a car,

Plucky had

an amazing operatic

singing voice.

Plucky took his voice and his bowl

and stood by the road,

singing for food.

No one fed him, so Plucky

ate a cigar that he had found

by the roadside.

When the cigar nearly killed him,

Plucky was rescued by the

people from the

Pitiful Pig Pound.

Since Plucky was unable to

sit up and


kindly volunteers

spoon-fed him.


Advised to smile

so that Stephen would

like him,

Plucky practiced smiling.

As Plucky waited

for his family to return,

the Legendary Hampire


him unprotected and

bit him on the leg.

Plucky felt peculiar and sang,

"I wanna bite your L_E_E_E_E_G!"

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April 6, 1999