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Plucky Meets the Dawn

Plucky didn't want the nice bowl of swill.

He was restless, couldn't sleep.

All night he fidgetted and fussed.

He would feel hungry and get up to look at his bowl.

Plucky didn't want the swill, though.

What did he want, what did he want?

He absentmindedly gnawed a little bit at his leg.

Then the birds began to chirp in the trees.

A little breeze began to blow and the eastern sky was lighter.

Plucky stood up, afraid. He wanted to run away.

Where to go...what to

He choked and gagged and seemed to turn inside out.

The sun rose higher and higher.


Then he felt better.

He sat down and looked around.

The swill in his bowl smelled good.

Plucky thought, "Somebody fed me," and he was happy.

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April 6, 1999