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Plucky Picnics Prodigiously

The next afternoon when no further food was forthcoming,

Plucky began to look around on his own behalf.

He wandered down the street toward a noisy place

in the middle of a grassy area.

Some people were hitting a ball with a big stick

and then running around the field.

Others were watching the game and eating food out of paper sacks.

Many sacks were lying around on the grass.

Plucky found apples and oranges and pieces of sandwiches.

He was about to sit down and eat when a lady began to scream,

"Get that pig out of here!"

A park person came running and told Plucky that he would have to leave.

Plucky tried to explain. He danced and sang. He cried.

Fortunately for Plucky, the park person was perceptive.

He said, "I understand.

You're just trying to win a scouting badge for community service.

That's very nice. Let me give you a Park Department

vest to wear so that people will know you belong here.

You can come and pick up the trash any time you want to.

Just be sure that you are wearing your vest.

Nice to meet you.

What this country needs is more pigs like you."

Plucky put on the vest and collected a feast of left over picnic food.

He ate until he could hardly walk.

Then he put all the papers into a garbage can,

and he went home happy.

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April 8, 1999