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Plucky Purveys Papers

Nearly every day as Plucky was coming home from

the restaurant or the park,

he passed a boy who was carrying a big sack of papers.

While the boy walked along, he whistled.

He tossed papers at the doors of most of the houses

on the street.

At the house next to the home of Plucky and the Cobb family,

the boy went indoors and stayed.

One day the boy noticed Plucky following him.

He was nice to Plucky, and gave him half of a candy bar.

Plucky appreciated the treat.

He carried the bag the rest of the way.

After that Plucky met the paper boy every day.

The boy didn't always have a treat for Plucky,

but he was friendly.

He taught Plucky to whistle.

He patted Plucky on the back and said,

"See you tomorrow," before he went into his house.

Plucky was lonely, so he was glad

to have the paper boy for a friend.

When the paper boy went on vacation, Plucky did the route for him.

The boy collected the money,

but he gave Plucky a nice sack of candy.

That made Plucky very happy.

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April 14,1999